LTSS Career Pathways

It pays to be competent!

The QuILTSS Institute courses align to a recognized career and education pathway. As a direct service worker completes courses and demonstrates competence, the individual is able to advance in the education and talent pipeline. For each set of four competency badges you earn, you will increase a level in the Community Support Specialist designation.

For those completing the program in Tennessee, this may result in higher wages.

The Bureau of TennCare recognizes that successfully completing The QuILTSS Institute Workforce Development program will require you to make a number of personal sacrifices so you can better yourself professionally.  They also recognize that your growth as a professional adds value to the services and supports you provide TennCare members, improving their quality of care and quality of life. Therefore, TennCare is working to be able to offer you increased wages as you grow in your career. 

Why shouldn’t you earn higher wages for your increased competence? 

As part of the upcoming Tennessee State budget that would begin July 1, 2020, TennCare plans to request funding to extend wage increases to people providing direct support in TennCare’s long-term services and supports programs (nursing facilities and home and community-based services) as they complete phases of the QuILTSS Workforce Development Training Program.  It’s a new value-based approach that will help to reward providers and specifically reward you for the higher level of training and competency you bring to your daily work.  Of course, the ability to do that will depend on the budget request being approved.  You can find updates as the budget process moves forward in 2020.

Check back here for budget updates.